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I was thinking of making this post sooner or later to explain what keeps happening to rawdevart and why it's always full of problems.

First of all let me clarify this : 

When a blog is created in blogger, the address it's assigned is free of cost so it will be in the form of a subdomain ( You can later buy a domain and connect it to the blog to make it into non subdomain (to remove

SO this was what was happening. You might be going to the whole time, but the site actually you were visiting to was . We are talking about the site which is now on

Suppose you go to a post
It actually means you are going to in name was and always will be something like a connection to the actual site.

When the site was started, it was simply as a purpose to help scanlators get hq or atleast better raws and for viewers to get a preview of the next chapter. The reason why i'm calling this as a preview is because including me most of the people who come to my site don't know to read japanese language. So it was nothing but a preview, to only know/predict what would happen in the next chapter. By this even scanlator can see what's ahead in the chapters before they pick the series.

I knew that bzland would soon be shut down soon so I started my blog on  and my first post was on March 1,2017 - Nidome no Jinsei Chapter 1 Raw Manga was my first post. I cannot state the reason why bzland was shut down since I myself don't know it, but it was an information that I gained from a secret source.

Due to my purposes of starting the site to mainly to help scanlators I didn't use any ads on my site for nearly a year and yeah my site became really famous in no time, slowly by the end of 1 year my mindset changed and I wanted to catch up to the expectations of the site viewers requests and I even spent nearly $70 every month for 3 months buying digital magazines and ripping them and programming my own codes for Next and Previous Buttons by linking the chapters. But that simply gave raise to financial problems for me since I had to pay for the domain too. I soon started using ads on my site, not popups or malware or too big banners, just small sized ads and that was enough for me to get back the money I had paid.

Well leaving that aside, blogger was having a really easy to use interface though uploader was a bit problematic since it's for a blog post and not particularly for posting manga chapters, but blogger gives you practically unlimited storage for images and unmetered resources like server, cpu, ram or anything other. The site could actually have about millions of users online and still nothing would slow it.

BUT, Google restrictions are too hard for a site like rawdevart to run.
In fact there is no law that raw manga sites or distributing images are illegal. But it is simply unauthorized. We take no permissions from authors since we obviously know they won't allow it. Instead by doing this we are raising heavy financial problems for the authors of the manga's.

In a source of news like this :
it is mentioned how from August 2017 (yeah, that was the month when my site had reached it's peak pageviews/day of 300k, which went on till the end of year 2017)

The Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) has informed the government that, between last September and February this year, piracy has inflicted an estimated 400 billion yen (about US 4 billion dollar)-plus in damage to copyright holders in Japan.

I really don't know how much of that is my responsibility, or how much might be LHScans or some other sites like that gets something like 8 million views per day that posts the whole magazine however it is as soon as it's released by the free source.

But as long as there is no law preventing it i'll continue to create the site again and again how many ever times needed.



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