What happened to Rawdevart?

1st Site :  As for the first site which is now or
GOOGLE had every rights on the site. The reason is simple, I create the site on google, get unlimited and unmetered resources from google, in return I get a single complaint and I am not allowed to stay anymore. It's literally something similar to that.
I had got 2 complaints from dmca and the post was immediately removed from blog. That really infuriated me. While it is true that the site is unauthorized and i'm using google resources, it makes me feel like i'm a slave to google letting them do whatever they want with my things.

And upon posting about 5 comics like Parallel Paradise which contained nudity and near borderline H, the site was branded as adult site. This might look like it's simply nothing but a warning message that comes on site when you visit it, but it's not just that.

As you can see, the description of the site posts that show up in google search result com…

Contact Me (For Scanlators)

Since my main reason is to provide hq raw's for scanlation groups, you can contact me anytime through my email

Or you could add me to your discord server or direct message me :


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Story of Creation of

I was thinking of making this post sooner or later to explain what keeps happening to rawdevart and why it's always full of problems.

First of all let me clarify this :  When a blog is created in blogger, the address it's assigned is free of cost so it will be in the form of a subdomain ( You can later buy a domain and connect it to the blog to make it into non subdomain (to remove

SO this was what was happening. You might be going to the whole time, but the site actually you were visiting to was . We are talking about the site which is now on

Suppose you go to a post
It actually means you are going to in name was and always will be something like a connection to the actual site.

When the site was started, it was simply as a purpose to help scanlators get hq o…